“Grab Your Fork” Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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I always rave about my Mom’s mashed potato recipe. Even up to this day, when I have probably tasted like hundreds of mashed potato versions, hers still stands out. No one will be able to beat my mother’s mashed potatoes, at least for me. Her classic mashed potato dish is something that I could eat all day, with or without the main course. I just want my gravy with it (even though it tastes really good even without the gravy) and maybe a few vegetables and then I’m good. I don’t even need the meat or the fish anymore.

That’s the classic recipe of mashed potatoes though. Because when it comes to a “revamped” mashed potato dish, I must say Tina’s can rival that of my mother’s. Hers is a bit different because it has another ingredient on it that makes it taste different than the usual classic mashed potatoes.

She uses garlic! And my goodness, garlic can really turn that classic dish into something else that’s flavorful and extremely addicting! If you want the recipe for such a version of mashed potatoes, you can find it in the succeeding pages. Your family will surely love this one. Enjoy the recipe!

This is your favorite classic mashed potatoes, but with a little twist. Garlic! Yes! Usually, I love my mashed potatoes simple and classic. I think they taste best with those flavorful roasts if they just taste simple. But this one blew me away! And I know it will do the same to you. Try it! Just when you thought that mashed potatoes couldn’t get any more delicious.

I hate the smell of fresh garlic, but I love its smell when it’s being cooked. And how it turns dishes into something extraordinary special is truly amazing! This mashed potatoes recipe is a hit to my friends and my family.

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