3 Secrets That Will Give You The Best Pasta Sauce You’ll EVER Taste

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This Sauce Will Make People Think You Have An Italian Grandma In The Kitchen

My grandmother always used the phrase “less is more” and, as a kid, I had a hard time understanding what she meant by it. Whether it’s fashion or Christmas decorations, I still have to remind myself that constantly adding more may not always be a good thing. Yes, I tend to go a little crazy when it comes to Christmas lights. And my husband certainly thinks less would be more, when we’re talking about my shoe collection.

So, I have a lot to learn but when it comes to food, I like to keep things simple. Grandma always did, and her meals turned out amazing each and every time. This is one of the recipes that always makes me think of her. It isn’t her recipe but this is similar to the way she used to cook. A handful of ingredients, no complicated directions, just a really tasty, homecooked meal.

My husband always says he would rather have this homemade bolognese than go to a 5-star restaurant. Once you’ve tried this recipe, you’ll understand why.

The first thing that sets this bolognese recipe apart from others is that there is both, beef in it. It makes a huge difference in the end result!

The second secret are the rosemary sprigs – I had never added rosemary before trying this recipe and I had my doubts about it, but there’s no way I’ll ever go back to my old recipe again. And finally, you need to let the sauce simmer slowly, up to 2,5 hours so that all the flavors will come together perfectly. You may think it’s too much but trust me, it is sooo worth the wait!
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