50 uses for honey for home remedies

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41. Relieves headaches
42. Treats urinary tract infections
43. Yeast contamination treatment
44. Treating Athlete’s Foot
45. Facing a hangover
46. ​​Reduce ldl cholesterol and decrease the hazard of cardiovascular disease
47. Protect towards most cancers via way of means of infusion of antioxidants.
48. Strengthen mind characteristic via way of means of enhancing blood circulation
49. Reverse fatigue, boom energy, and stimulate intellectual alertness
50. Reduce tension and sell calm disposition

Note: Although honey may be served in myriad methods, it need to by no means accept to kids beneathneath 1 12 months of age. According to the Mayo Clinic, wild honey is a capability supply of toddler botulism, a extreme circumstance that calls for instantaneously clinical attention.