aunt emmas pound cake

Flip it!

I have been making this pound cake for years, with only small changes. Increase the vanilla to 1 1/2 tsp or 2tsp, (your preference) I use 2. Start with ROOM TEMPERATURE butter,(REAL butter) cream cheese and eggs which makes for easier mixing and a more creamy outcome, and using cake flour (cup for cup) gives it a more velvet type texture.

I also add the eggs one at a time and make sure each one is completely mixed in before adding the next. And the baking time really depends on how true your oven temp is. Sometimes it may take two hours for this cake to bake if your oven is lower than 325, but baking at a higher temp will cook the outside, but not the in. Tricky? Yes.

Worth the effort? Oh yes! Be patient with the mixing, and you will have the best pound cake you will ever eat. It stands alone, or you can top it with whatever you want. Simply the best for a good old fashion comfort dessert.

I gave this one 4 stars because my kids really liked it. I agree with another reviewer who said the finished product had an eggy taste, so it wasn’t a favorite of mine. The batter reminded me of sugar cookie dough!

I have NEVER liked pound cake – UNTIL I made this one. It is absolutely delicious. I use my counter-top mixer to get a really fluffy whipped batter. Everyone who tries it says it is the best pound cake they have ever had!

OMG! This cake is sinfully delicious! I made this cake from my mom to cheer her up after coming home from the hospital, and it did the job. The only problem is that the family ate it so fast that mom only got one piece. I have NEVER seen a cake go so fast.I had to make it again the next day – threefold! One for my mom, one for her kids, and one for the grandkids.

I loved it! Pound cakes are my favorite dessert, and this one is on the top of my list. Everyone loved it. I will make it again and again. Thanks for a great cake, Nanci


5 large eggs room temp
3 c sugar

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