Awesome Apple Fritters Recipe

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We loved these! Just the right seasonings and sweetness with the powdered sugar! Wonderful fall smell and flavor. Thanks for sharing your mother’s recipe.

I have had company here and I made these for a brunch. They were eaten in about 2 seconds, and everyone LOVED them! I made half with sugar and cinnamon and half with a brown sugar glaze on the top. Both were AWESOME!

I loved it, the recipe is very simple to use, it’s easy on the wallet if you already have the oil needed.. I doubled the recipe, and ended up with about 32 of the fritters. I dished them out using #40 scoop, came out in almost perfect sized balls. I added banana, couldn’t help it!

These are just the best homemade fritters!!! They are not like the really sweet glazed ones that you get in a donut shop. They have a light, lovely texture and is crispy on the outside. I sprinkled them with a mixture of icing sugar and cinnamon. Oh yes…they went quickly. Thank you for sharing!

Yummy! I replaced the white flour with Whole wheat pastry flour,Milk for skim milk,Splenda for the sugar & used egg beater’s in place of the egg’s.replaced applesauce(homade-no sugar with cinnamon) for the oil in the batter,Added 1 Tsp cinnamon to the batter.I grated 2 large honey crisp apple’s (skins on) into the batter.Put the cinnamon/splenda mixture in a brown bag, placed the fritters in the bag & shook to coat.I also used my small cookie dough scoop to put them into the hot oil.Worked perfectly!They poofed out very well.A very nice size to handle for adult’s & kid’s.Very quick and super easy!Slightly crisp on the outside,moist,tender and fluffy on the inside.Great morning treat while we went on our Autumn walk!Great with Coffee!My kid’s loved them.No leftover’s,Alway a bonus! I will be making these again! I am thinking of trying pumpkin next time!YUM!!Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

Amazing with a little tweaking. I cut the apples in very, very tiny pieces. I doubled the batter, but not the apples. I doubled the sugar and added 2 tsp. of cinnamon. Drop by tablespoon or even teaspoon, depending on how large you want them. They puff up quite a bit. Do NOT make them too large or the center will still be raw. I also found that 375 was a bit too warm, I cooked them @ 350. They came out amazingly, way better than the fair! You actually get little pieces of apple in every bite! They were wicked easy to make! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. These will be a treat for my family for a long time.


1⁄2 cup sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 cup milk
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