Ben’s Pizza Soup

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If you are going to tear your ACL and render yourself unable to walk for two months, I recommend doing it at a delightful wedding party while slow-dancing with a lovely bride wearing a dress made of glitter and stars. That’s the way I did it back in October, and it’s really the only way to do it properly. You get the torn ACL, which is a bummer, and the inability to take your dog out or travel or carry a glass of water from the kitchen to the couch or take a shower without fearing for your life, which is enraging and frustrating and isolating, but you also get to relive a pretty good party with all the nurses, doctors and surgeons who want to know just how you managed to tear a major ligament while junior-high slow dancing. I don’t know, guys! You’re the medical professionals! I’m just here to find out when I’ll be able to feed and bathe myself again! I am also sort of interested in leaving my home again, ever!

A very good, warm, tasty and filling soup. It hit the spot on a VERY cold January night. After reading the ingredients, and knowing we would like this soup, I doubled it, for a very large pot. I froze a container for my in-laws and have a container for my parents. The ingredients work well together, and could easily be adapted to your family’s favorite pizza ingredients. For the first time, I made as written, with the exception of the dried ravioli. I could not find it so I used dried tortellini. The next time, I will use Italian sausage in place of the hamburger and add green peppers. As the soup cooled, some of the broth has soaked up in the pasta. I will just added a little additional beef broth when I reheat the leftovers. A wonderful soup that we enjoyed with a hard crusty roll. Thanks Angie for sharing your recipe.


1/2 pound ground beef
1 small onion, diced

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