Caramel coffee crunchy and delicious cake

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Caramel coffee crunchy and delicious cake1
Caramel coffee crunchy and delicious cake1

The fragile and tender cake with the taste of caramel and coffee with enormous cream and indescribable taste, you will surely like it.

Ingredients of the caramel cake:

4 grains of eggs
Cup of sugar = 120 g
The four cup of oil = 150 ml
Caramel Flavored Yogurt Box
2 tablespoons of instant dissolved coffee in 3 tablespoons of milk
1/2 cup roasted walnuts
2 bags of sweet yeast 16 g
A sprinkle of salt
White flour


500 g of milk
3 tablespoons of chocolate patisserie cream
4 tablespoons of sugar
1/2 cup coconut roasted and ground


Caramel yogurt + 150 g white chocolate box

How to make a caramel cake:

In a bowl mix eggs, sugar, sprinkle salt, then add oil, milk mixture, coffee and mix, then add yogurt and mix, then mix, then add coconut and mix, and finally add flour and dessert yeast, then mix the elements well.

Pour mixture into a dessert mold, lubricated with butter and sprinkled with flour.
We enter the cake into the oven heated at 180 degrees, then we move on to prepare the cream.

In a pot, mix the cream, patissier, sugar and milk, then put all on fire with constant stirring until the mixture is stiff, then add butter and mix until the butter melts, then turn off the fire, then add coconut, mix and let it cool, then beat with electric soil and leave it to the side A.

We take the cake and divide it into two sections, we take the first section of the cake, put it in a frame, then pour the cream, then add the second section of the cake on top of the cream, then take off the frame and leave it aside.

We take a bowl in which we put caramel yoghurt and leave it on the fire until it gets hot, then turn off the fire, then add chocolate to it and mix until the chocolate melts, then pour it over the cake and decorate it with stripes on top with melted dark chocolate, then sprinkle the sides of the cake with red coconut.

We leave it to cool in the fridge, after progress in health and comfort.