Cherry Crisp

Flip it!

You’ll want to serve ice cream with this dessert to tone down its richness. I wouldn’t eat this dish without ‘Breyers Natural Vanilla’ ice cream because it’s very sweet and rich but in a good way. Unless you have quite a few people to feed, you shouldn’t need to double the recipe either. I’ve never seen anyone use melted butter to make crisp but I would recommend using hard butter from the fridge and mashing it with a fork into the dry ingredients. It should be a crumbly texture sprinkled onto the cherries. If the topping gets creamy and has the consistency of cake batter, it will stay that way when cooked and you won’t get the desired ‘crispy’ consistency of the topping.

This was a great quick & easy dessert that I made with ingredients I already had on hand. I omitted the nuts to suit my family’s taste, and it was still really good.

I wasn’t overly fond of the nuts on the top ~ next time I make it without them. Thanks for a great recipe Holly! I’ll be making this again for sure.

This was very good, although I thought the nutmeg was a little overpowering in this dish . I will be making it again, but just cut down the amount of nutmeg. I’d like to try it with a different fruit also. I served it with french vanilla ice cream. Yummy, and super easy to make! Thankyou!

This was very good. I followed some other reviews and omitted the nutmeg and doubled the crumble. Next time I think I will add the pecans and omitt a bit of the butter for my taste also may use some extra pie filling.


2 call-purpose flour
1/2 cgranulated sugar

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