Chicken Parmesan Recipe

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My version of chicken parmesan is a little different than what they do in the restaurants, with less sauce and a crispier crust.

This recipe was really easy to follow & turned out great! My 1st try at chicken parmesan, total success 🙂

Have to admit if it’s not easy and/or tasty I won’t put the effort in. The WHOLE famiily loved this, and every recipe gets easier each time its’ made, right? I only used 1/2 the Panko. I didn’t use the crumbs sparingly either. I only put 2 c in, and had the other 2 c in a bowl in case they were needed. I cut the chicken breasts in half before using the meat mallet. The fillet seemed too big without doing this, and it was easier for someone to have a second helping. I used Barilla Roasted Garlic sauce. I Loved the sifter for the flour; that worked great! Given that I had twice as many fillets, next time, I would probably use half the oil, so I could have clean oil and maybe do the chicken in 2 batches. (I also used paper towels for excell oil.) As much as I loved this recipe, given the calories/fat, I would not make it as often as I’d like. 10/2012- Just made this again for Sunday dinner, the family LOVES this recipe! I skipped/forgot the provolone this time around and used shredded mozzerella. Even though it’s not as crispy, I made sure to have enough for leftovers. Also- use paper towels to collect extra oil after frying. TIP- If you buy chicken in bulk, then cut, trim, and pound with mallet before freezing for later use, this saves lots of time during actual recipe.

All I can say is Wow! I have made chicken parmesan using the most popular recipe from this site, but this recipe blew the other out of the park! This is a no brainer. My goal in writing this review is to let Members know that just because a recipe has a thousand hits/reviews, does not always mean its the best. I followed this recipe for the most part, however, made a few changes. I substituted regular bread crumbs and a jar of Classico traditional sweet basil. This turned out amazing! I used the entire jar of sauce because I served it over penne pasta. I put a thin spread of sauce on the bottom of the pan prior to placing the chicken inside. This recipe will definitely be a keeper and I won’t hesitate to forward this recipe on to others. What a treat!


4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
2 eggs
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