Creamy Pasta Bake with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil

Flip it!

One of my favorite midweek pasta bakes – my whole family loves it and there is not much prep. Once the pasta bake is in the oven, you can make a salad or set the table and then it’s time to eat.

I’ve used this recipe before as the base for a cold pasta salad. Tonight we used it as the base for a hot chicken dish. I used up some stale sourdough bread (leftover from my purchase from Labour of Loaf at the local Farmers Market in Hartlepool) for the breadcrumb and cheese topping. So easy to make and absolutely delicious!

Oh….YUM. Even as I was putting this in the oven I knew it would be our new favorite pasta bake. My only changes were to double the tomato paste and to add some (thawed) frozen spinach to up the nutritional aspect. My son and I were even looking forward to the leftovers!!

I’m going to be making this for a crowd, so in a test run yesterday, I prepared the dish without cooking the pasta- I just added the extra cup of water and let it all get happy overnight. Baked it today for an hour at 375 and it was delicious. Pasta was perfectly done! So save yourself a step and make it the day before!

Made this for dinner tonight, as a student I loved it because it was cheap and pretty simple to make. I gave it a kick by adding chilli powder, chilli flakes and some paprika.


1 (16 ounce) package penne pasta
1 tablespoon olive oil

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