Frozen Peanut Butter Pudding Squares

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My sister-in-law taught me how to make these. Some people know them as ‘Puddingwiches’. Chocolaty peanut butter goodness layered between graham crackers and frozen. Make a batch and keep in the freezer for quick summertime snack or dessert.

TOP Reviews:

Very easy, very good. I used chocolate chip cookies (bought, they were on sale)in place of the graham crackers and used a tablespoon-sized scoop to measure out the pudding mixture, getting 24 sandwiches before running out of cookies. I found the filling to be a little heavy and with too much peanut butter for my taste, but my husband loves them just as they are. Great for using up milk before it goes bad, too.

I just made these, but I guess I wasn’t the only one who made them late for Recipe Group. The peanut butter and chocolate pudding is so yummy. I used natural peanut butter. DD and I were eating it by the spoonful right out of the bowl. I finally forced myself to wait for one of the sandwiches to freeze, and it was very good. I used probably at least 2 T instead of just 1 on the square.

Made these for the Recipe group. I made the filling just as directed but used chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies instead of grahams since we like cookies better and I had some on hand. I even got a little creative and rolled some in crushed peanuts. Five stars for being a super easy to make dessert that you don’t have to bake, and great tasting! Thanks Linda (LMT) for a great summer treat.

Made for Recipe Group. So easy and so good. I took a little license with the recipe when I found the graham crackers were expired and tasted like cardboard. I had a few good ones, so piped the filling into ritz crackers and then tried some pretzels too! I tried them frozen and thawed. I have to say I like them thawed better than frozen. Maybe it wasn’t hot enough here that day 🙂 Thanks Linda! – I even used the leftover pudding mixture to dip ritz into later in the week, a guilty pleasure!

I did these way late for Recipe Group. And tweaked them all over the place (= I used sf, ff vanilla pudding and nf milk. I also mixed in a dollop of Cool Whip. I made sandwiches with cinnamon grahams, vanilla wafers, and chocolate teddy grahams. Mom loved these – and I was afraid I wasn’t going to have any to take to work (= I liked all three variations.


1 1/2 cups cold milk
1 (3.9 ounce) package instant chocolate pudding mix
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