German Runza Recipe

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My mother-in-law introduced me to this and it kinda stuck. I am from Iowa, now in Kentucky, and the only way I can get this is by making it at home.

This is a great recipe. I’ve been making them for a long time. A little hint, try using Rhodes, “Texas Sized” frozen roll dough. This makes them the perfect size and alot easier to make. They must be rolled out very thin.

Fabulous! Very easy to make, although I cheated a bit. I used pre-made croissant dough (garlic-butter flavor). Because the ground beef and cabbage are cooked before going into the oven, it only took 10 minutes to toast up the croissant dough before it was done. The end product was excellent. My husband said this is one of the best allrecipes’ recipe yet.

Good recipe. Our family has been making these for decades. We use homemade potato dough,ground beef ,onion, garlic,rinsed and drained sauerkraut,cabbage,salt,pepper,and worcestershire sauce. Cook all together (except the dough!)drain off liquid,fill dough balls and bake.Serve with catsup, mustard, pickles…whatever you like.Thanks for reminding me about an old family favourite comfort food !!

These Bierocks are delicious. We made our own bread using the Country White Bread recipe on this site instead of frozen dough. I also added some Worcestershire sauce, onions, garlic, seasoned pepper, hot paprika and salt. I mixed the cheese in the meat/onion/cabbage mixture after it had cooled and spooned into the dough. Yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

Wonderful! Really tastes like Runzas! I did add onion, garlic and a bit of green peppers and seasoning to the meat and cabbage mixture. I also mixed shredded mozzarella and Swiss cheese instead of the plain mozzarella. One reviewer said to brush melted butter over the top after baking; I did that and it made it so much better!! The kids even liked them! I will make these again!


1 (3 pound) package frozen white bread dough
1 1/2 pounds ground beef
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