Here’s Everything You Need To Know About the Dip Powder Nail Trend

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We don’t know about you, but nothing makes us feel more put-together and confident than rocking a fresh manicure. There’s something about looking down at a row of glossy (or matte!) nails, all perfectly shaped and smoothed, that makes us feel like we can do just about anything.

At the very least, they’re incredibly satisfying to look at!

On the opposite end of that spectrum, chipped nails are basically the antithesis of that wonderful feeling. Seeing gaps in your perfect polish can make you feel, well, kind of a mess.

Yesterday, you had a gorgeous manicure that you either worked hard to perfect or paid good money to get, and today that’s all ruined simply because you wanted to open a can of seltzer. Doesn’t seem particularly fair, does it?

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