Homemade Belgian Waffles

Flip it!

This light and fluffy Belgian Waffle recipe is so easy to make from scratch.

Belgian waffles are such a classic weekend breakfast loved by all. Grab a few pantry items and make these at home with this amazing (and super easy!) Waffle Recipe.

Anyone can make these and have them turn out perfectly every time. Make them in advance and keep them warm in the oven or freeze and reheat as needed.

Try adding fruit or other toppings and I think you will find that you will never need another waffle recipe!

This Homemade Belgian Waffle Recipe is easy and makes delicious, authentic, Belgian waffles! These waffles are perfectly crisp and golden on the outside while being light and fluffy on the inside!

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2 ΒΌ cups flour
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
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