How to Get That Knot Out of Your Jewelry Chains

Flip it!

How often has this happened to you: you grab your favorite necklace to complete your outfit of the day, only to find that you tossed the necklace haphazardly aside have now tangled it beyond repair. Don’t let those pesky knots stop you from accessorizing the right way, not anymore.

There’s an easy way to rectify your tangled, knotted chain! All you need are a couple of sewing needles and one secret ingredient. It’s pretty unexpected but it’s also something you probably have sitting in your kitchen or bathroom closet right now.

The secret ingredient? Oil, which can mean vegetable oil, olive oil, or even baby oil! The oil, no matter which one you have on hand, will help to separate the pieces of the chain and dissolve the knot. The needles are your way of extracting the knot once the oil has loosened up the chain.

A good trick is to lay the chain down on a flat surface. Holding the chain up in the air to untangle it is actually only going to worsen the problem; you’ll be fighting against gravity and the knot will actually tighten up.

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Keeping the chain flat is the best way to dissect the knot, especially when you’re using your oil and needles. Definitely check out the video below to see the specific details of how to untangle your necklaces with these tools.

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