Momma’s Shrimp and Cheese Grits

Flip it!

This is sooo delish; however, I didn’t use the seasonings for the shrimp, instead I made the grits as directed, but I marinated the shrimp for 30 minutes in a pre-made “Sesame and Ginger Marinade.” I broiled the shrimp as directed…..It was AWESOME….and for an extra KICK add fine chopped Cilantro on top!!!!!!! It’s so good you’re gonna wanna slap yo momma!!

My husband’s favorite meal is shrimp and grits. He and I made this together and it was amazing! It was so easy and so delicious!! 🙂 We will DEFINITELY be making this again!

Fantastic flavor! Used an extra-sharp cheddar plus lots of freshly cracked black pepper and the grits were very creamy and cheesy-tasting. The broiled scallions really add to the flavor of the shrimp. I’m going to add extra scallions next time, they were so yummy.

fabulous! I was just at Folly Beach, SC with my neice and family.
she prepared this for us with fresh shrimp and it was INCREDIBLE!

I haven’t made this – but as a health nut from the south – a few tips… Quick Cooking grits are for the birds. Get the real stuff cook low and simmer… It’s the difference between grit and mush. Also – instead of water – sub in skim milk as well in your liquid mix. And sharp cheddar is key. Also bacon – in moderation never hurt anyone. A slice or two that you then cook the shrimp in bacon grease.. Looks like a solid recipe – just a few tips from a shrimp and grit lover.

I’m giving it four stars and I suspect that’s because I didn’t use sharp or extra sharp cheddar. I felt like it could use a little something extra flavor-wise. That being said, it was delicious and my husband declared it was a keeper recipe! I think it’s what some other reviewers said: it’s a good start. Before I make it the next time, I’m going to study other recipes and see what I can incorporate to add flavor while retaining the “eating well” standards! One thing is for certain: it’s quick and easy and filling!


3 1/3 cups water
2/3 cup uncooked grits

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