How to Remove that Horrible Urine Smell from the Bathroom

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How to Remove that Horrible Urine Smell from the Bathroom

Many agree that cleaning toilets is the most difficult of household chores, especially because they contain germs. But a new trick will lead to getting rid of unpleasant odors in the bathrooms, by using shaving cream.

The trick is to cover the toilet with shaving cream, which helps get rid of urine odors and other stubborn odors, which are difficult to get rid of with traditional cleaning methods. This trick can help the housewife to clean the bathrooms, without having to kneel on her knees, according to the British newspaper “Mirror”.

On social media, activists who used this trick commented, expressing their satisfaction with the results they obtained, and many of them confirmed that the shaving cream gave much better results than the cleaning powders they used to use.

1. Use a black light specifically made to detect urine.

✓ Searching for pee is soooooo easy by using a small black light in the dark bathroom. Done.

2. Clean the area around and under the base of the toilet.

✓ I had the same problem and sprayed Scrubbing Bubbles, the kind that foams up, all around the base of the toilet and let it foam up there for a while. Then I scrubbed around it with an old tooth brush and it did the trick. Wish I could say it was my son’s fault, but I’m pretty sure it was my husband! Guys just can’t aim.

✓ There might also be icky gooey pee under the toilet. I use a plastic knife to clean under there and scrape that stuff out. If it’s still there, I’d have dear husband move the toilet and scrub. Then I’d seal it.

✓ Shark Steam mop the begeebers out of the area and spray with Urine Out Pet Odor Remover or vinegar and water.

✓ After doing everything you can to clean and you still have that horrible strong pee odor, use a little Snuggle Fabric Softener on a tissue to wipe all over the toilet seat, bowl, rim, etc. No need to rinse, just let it air dry. It immediately gives a fresh clean scent to the bathroom and toilet.

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