Repair That Missing Trim

Flip it!

That beautiful treasure you found is almost perfect. The exception is, there are a few pieces of the filigree or trim missing. The odds are you will never find a match and it can be quite expensive to have a furniture repair service recreate something that you will paint over.

Here is how we do it at

This decorative area of the drawer is missing

This method of repair is actually not difficult to do if you have the knowledge, the products and tools to do it. They are simple: PAM spray (any light oil will work), a hot glue gun, small can of auto bondo with hardener, stir/mixing sticks (I use popsicle sticks) and 120 grit sandpaper. I have included pictures along with the steps.

First, there has to be an area that matches the missing filigree or trim. In my case the piece to the left of my drawers of this mahogany
buffet was the same as the pieces missing on the right.

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