Secret Ingredient Meatloaf

Flip it!

Is there a “secret ingredient” in your favorite meatloaf recipe? There is in ours! Our Secret Ingredient Meatloaf calls for one shortcut ingredient that doesn’t just make life easier, but it makes the meatloaf so moist and flavorful, too! Aren’t you glad we’ve let you in on our little secret?

My mother made the best meatloaf in town, but would never share her recipe saying it was just a basic meatloaf recipe with a “secret ingredient”. Now all MY family and friends beg for this meatloaf, but only my daughter knows the secret ingredient — now you will too. You will get raves on this one!

This was delicious…I changed the recipe just a bit. I used breadcrumbs instead of bread, and we didn’t use the cheese, it tasted great!!

This just became my family meatloaf recipe. It was great tasting and very moist. I used the ketchup with cheddar cheese and we loved it. I didn’t even have trouble getting the center done by doing 2 loaves in a large pan. Thanks for posting the recipe.

This was great. My husband also loved it and that says a lot. He has told me for years he doesn’t like meatloaf. The only thing I will do differently next time (and there will be a next time) is chop the onion smaller. That is my preference, I think I choped them to big.

Sense there is just the two of us, I have left over for sandwiches, YUM. And a whole meatloaf for the freezer for later this month. Now how can you meat that.


1 Pound Ground Meat (Beef or Turkey)
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