The Best Thai Coconut Soup

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I’m the one that submitted this recipe and I just wanted to add a little note: If you can’t find lemongrass, most stores carry lemongrass paste. It’s not as good as fresh lemongrass, but at least you will get some of the flavor. Also, I’ve discovered that adding basmati rice that is a little toasted or crispy adds another really great element to this soup. One more thing, my recipe calls for minced lemongrass because we like the texture and crunch of it.

However, some people might not, so you can just put the whole stalks in a take them out when ready to eat. Thanks for all the great reviews! EDIT: My recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of curry paste because I used incredibly spicy paste. Lately I am not able to find that particular brand and most red curry pastes on the market are not very spicy. So add to taste and according to how spicy the paste is that you have.

Holy smokes, this was AWESOME!!! My boyfriend snarfed it, and I loved it, too. My sister wasn’t too hot about the chunks of lemongrass. I liked them, but if they bother you, you can always buy lemongrass paste, I suppose. Anyways, this was fast, easy, and total comfort food. Great recipe!

I used only 2 cans of coconut milk and this was still too much (I love coconut anything). Next time I would only use one and would also add waaay more lime juice (to give it that sweet and sour Thai flavour), more lemongrass, and possibly some lime leaves and fresh Thai chilies. I also added two heads of bok choy to make it more of a meal, which turned out well. UPDATE: I have a new way of making this soup that has put it in regular rotation. Skip the oil, slice the ginger and lemongrass and throw all ingredients in the left column, plus 4 cups water in a large pot.

Let simmer for a bit while you prep the rest, then scoop out the ginger and lemongrass with a slotted spoon. Add regular mushrooms (not shiitakes) and 1 can of coconut milk. After mushrooms have softened a bit add a package of vermicelli rice noodles. When the noodles are done, throw in a small package of whole snap peas, prawns, and lime juice and turn off the heat. Let it sit for a couple of minutes until the prawns are cooked and the peas are bright green. Top with cilantro and serve.


1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger

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