Thick And Chunky Beef Stew – A Bowl Full Of Hot Delight

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Beef stew is something that I thought Mom would be an expert at, but I am wrong.

I always forgot that she has very little patience with beef, so her beef recipes are very limited. Beef stew is actually Dad’s expertise. Dad knows how to cook actually, it’s just that the kitchen is Mom’s territory just like how his study is his territory. He rarely took over when we’re kids, but when he did, we always had some of the best meals of our lives.

Dad’s beef stew is composed of, of course, the main star of the show, the beef, and it’s supporting stars, the carrots, the potatoes, and the seasonings. However, instead of putting just fresh tomatoes, he also puts tomato sauce or tomato paste. He also uses butter instead of oil, which does something to the sauce. The gravy tastes creamier (and definitely bad for the waistline) and it makes the beef taste more savory. There was this one time when he also added okra on it.

I love okras so I didn’t really care, but the others did care. It’s safe to say that the poorly neglected okra didn’t make an appearance in any of his stews anymore. Dad always ate his stew over hot rice, while the rest of us usually ate it with crusty bread!

This simple beef stew is a full meal sans dessert. It has soup, which serves as your appetizer. And then there’s the meat with carrots and potatoes served over rice or over pasta, which is your main course. You can also eat it on its own or you can dip your favorite bread on its rich, creamy sauce. Cold winter days call for a go-to recipe that not only tastes good but also warms you, and literally.

A bowl of hot, thick, tasty stew will warm those icy hands and will bring color back to your cheeks in no time. And it does feel good to cup your hands around this steaming bowl of classic stew.


2 pounds Tyson beef stew meat, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 to 2 tablespoons Wesson canola oil

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