10 cleaning tips that’ll make your bathroom a better place

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10 cleaning tips that'll make your bathroom a better place

Many of us believe that the bathroom is the best place to store many things such as towels, skin care products and medicines, and even having a special cupboard to store such things has become essential now in equipping modern bathrooms. But this habit does not necessarily have to be correct, so keeping these purposes along with other personal items and supplies in the bathroom may cause them to spoil over time, due to their exposure to constant humidity and other reasons, in addition to overcrowding the bathroom with many purposes.

++ Keep a rubber mop to make it easy for all family members to use it to dry the bathroom floor frequently, especially after showering.

++ Make sure that the bathroom is well ventilated, especially after showering with hot water, because even if the floor of the bathroom is not wet, the rising steam leaves the walls and the floor damp, causing an unpleasant smell, so be sure to open the bathroom window after showering, or turn the hood to get rid of Quickly steam and moisture.

++ Wrap the squeegee with a cloth, and you can use the old and thick face towel to wipe the bathroom floor and walls, as it absorbs water quickly and effectively, and keeps it dry for a long time.

++ Make sure to install a plastic curtain for the bathtub or insulate the bathtub with glass to close it during the shower and prevent water from reaching the bathroom floor, which keeps your bathroom always dry.

++ Do not leave wet clothes and wet towels hanging in the bathroom, because the lack of ventilation does not help to dry them, which causes an unwanted smell in your bathroom.

++ Make sure to put (anti-slip) mattresses in the bathroom under the sink and in front of the bathtub, and always dry them, as well as make sure that water does not reach them so that they are not exposed to dampness and rotting, by lifting them and drying the floor underneath them constantly, and wash them regularly to ensure the complete cleanliness of your bathroom.

++ When using the faucet, make sure that you use it sufficiently to provide the amount of water used, so that the water spray from the intensity of pressure does not reach the ground and wet it, and teach this to your children.

++ Brush the bathroom floor with a mat or a fixed carpet on the floor in order to absorb any water droplets that may fall on the floor, and make sure to clean and expose it to the sun daily so that it dries and does not cause unpleasant odors.

++ Make sure that the water taps and drainpipes of the washing machine are installed correctly and do not have any damages, so as not to cause water leakage and wet the floor.

++ Make sure to close the water faucets well, so as not to cause water to leak into the floor, as this is one of the biggest causes of wetness and dampness in the bathroom. Put a small rug (pedal) at the bathroom door to dry the feet when leaving the bathroom, and to prevent water from escaping and slipping if the floor gets wet.

++ Put moisture-absorbent pellets in your bathroom, which are often scented, which helps absorb moisture from the bathroom and perfume it at the same time. If you don’t have these granules, you can collect the silica bags from your new shoebox and hang them from the sides of the bathroom.

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