10 surprising uses for chapstick nobody ever told you about

Flip it!

ChapStick is a must-have in every woman’s cosmetic bag.
Bright Side would like to share with you the top 10 tricks for using lip balm other than treating chapped lips.

1. Preventing pimples

A new pair of shoes is always great, but sometimes a new pair of shoes can cause blisters on your feet. If this happens to you, you can apply some lip balm to the area that bothers you and continue walking without feeling the discomfort.

2. Remove stuck ring

Sometimes removing a ring is not as easy as putting it on. The first thing we think of is using soap. But don’t go to your bathroom immediately if this happens to you, as you can only use ChapStick. Cover the entire ring with conditioner, and it will be much easier to remove.

3. Scratched leather repair and shine

If there are small scratches on your leather shoes, use a ChapStick to repair them. You can also use this trick with bags, belts, furniture, and anything else that has become faded and old due to scratches.

4. Heal minor cuts and insect bites

Due to its moisturize & soothing property, ChapStick can facily relieve itching & speed up cure . It also reduces skin redness and soothes small wounds.

5. Taming flies and static hair

A lip balm will help your hair stay straight and smooth for longer. Simply apply a little lip balm to your hairbrush and brush your hair avoiding the roots. Lip balm is wax based, and if you apply it to your eyebrows, it will make them look elegant.

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