11 Charts Everyone Who Ever Plans on Baking Needs to Pin

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Bakers and Pinterest-lovers are usually one in the same – and for good reason! There are some amazing baking resources on Pinterest, among other super fun distractions. Want to learn how to make a super trendy raindrop cake? Pinterest can help you with that. Want to learn how to frost your cupcakes to look like hydrangeas? Pinterest can help you with that! Needless to say, Pinterest is a bakers’ best friend. Whether or not you rely on the site for your baking needs, you need to take a look at these 11 Pinterest baking charts! Save/print/pin these graphics immediately – you’ll be glad you had them on hand for your next baking conundrum!

Baking Temperatures Chart

Baking Temps ChartThe Cake Blog

So you think the difference between 350 °F and 375 °F isn’t that big a deal, huh? Well, this handy chart is here to show you just how big of a difference various temperatures can have on your beloved cakes. So if you’re not a fan of burnt cakes, read up.

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