8-Year-Old Boy Saves Up Pocket Money to Buy Roses for Every Girl in His Class

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If you are one of those people who get down in the dumps about this love-filled occasion, perhaps this story will cheer you up. An 8-year-old boy in the UK is doing the sweetest thing for his classmates.

Callum Drew, a fourth-grader, will be handing out a silk rose to each girl in his grade. He says he doesn’t want any girl to feel down or be left out on the holiday. Each year, for the past four years, he saves his money up to buy the roses.

He was working in his grandma’s flower shop up until she passed away to earn the funds, but then started washing cars. Of course, Callum’s mom is proud of how thoughtful he is towards others, but she said he admits the attention he gets from girls is uncomfortable.

Last year, screaming girls jumped on him with joy. 2019 has Callum gifting 68 girls with roses, but he is reserving one special, big gift for his girlfriend. Yes, he has a girlfriend. He told the Mirror she knows about his gesture:

“I have got a girlfriend. I haven’t told her yet but she does know about it because I do it every year. She is happy about it.”

What a sweet boy! We can only imagine what types of things he’ll be doing for his own special lady when he grows up.

From: Tiphero