9 Animals That Don’t Look Like Anything You’ve Seen Before

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7.Red-Lipped Batfish

Maybe she’s born with it— maybe she’s a red-lipped batfish! This “lipstick”-wearer can be found around Cocos Island, and though its red pout is its most striking feature, it’s not its most impressive.

You see, this fish has a laundry list of adaptions that sets it apart from its peers, including pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins that are so pliable, the swimmer can actually walk across the ocean floor!

8.Raccoon Dog

This animal isn’t technically a raccoon OR a dog, but it sure as heck looks like a mix of both! This incredible canine is native to Japan, but can be found scurrying around all over East Asia and even as far as Europe.

In recent years, the animal has officially gone viral on the internet, an event that has inspired some people to try to keep them as pets. That said, these wild animals cannot— and should not— be domesticated. Best to let the majestic raccoon dog roam free!

9.Cloud Antelope

As you’ve probably already guessed, this creature is, unfortunately, not part of the animal kingdom, but we thought it was too cool NOT to include on our list! This beauty is called a Cloud Antelope and it was created by talented artist CMWyvern. Click here to check out more of her fantastic beasts.

From: http://tiphero.com/amazing-looking-animals/