Amazing Toothpaste Tricks

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Amazing Toothpaste Tricks

Do you still think that toothpaste is only for brushing your teeth? Then this tip is for you. Indeed, there are many practical uses for this good old toothpaste! Here are 15 clever uses for toothpaste that very few people know about and yet are very helpful. You will adopt several, I’m sure.

Fill in the nail holes or pinholes in your white walls with toothpaste Are you changing the decor and moving your frames to the walls? Are you returning your apartment and want to quickly fill in the nail and pinholes in the white walls of your apartment, in order to recover your deposit? Take out your tube of toothpaste and fill the holes one by one. This is the most economical trick to find walls like new.

Are your DVDs or CDs scratched? Repair them with toothpaste Watch this tutorial, it will explain precisely how to remove scratches from your CDs to listen to them again.

Toothpaste, ideal for cleaning the joints of your tiles To thoroughly clean the joints of the tiles of your bathroom or your kitchen, apply toothpaste to your joints and scrub with a brush.

Nothing better to erase pencil, ballpoint and felt-tip pen marks on walls If your children are like mine and like to draw on walls, then this trick will make your life easier. Place a little toothpaste on a clean cloth or paper towel and gently rub the pencil marks. Wipe off toothpaste residue with a clean, dry cloth.

Brushing your teeth is the only use you make of toothpaste? However, this product for oral hygiene has many other uses! Here are 20 amazing tips with toothpaste.

Since it dries very quickly, toothpaste is able to absorb moisture in record time, you can also use it to clean certain surfaces or remove stains. Check out our grandma tips.

  1. It makes silver shine

Over the years, silver gets dirty and stains appear … To clean it, do you tend to buy specific products? Here is a tip that will help you. Take your toothpaste tube and apply a dab on the area to be cleaned. Rub, rinse. He’s going to get as bright as day one.

  1. It cleans car headlights

The headlights of your car should always be cleaned well and for this purpose you can also use toothpaste. On a sponge or cloth, first apply a little toothpaste and clean your headlights. The dirt will be removed instantly.

  1. It whitens the keys of the pianos

If you have a piano that looks old because the keys have turned yellow with wear, use a little toothpaste on a cloth and then rub the keys. These will turn whiter in just a few minutes.


  1. He cleans sports shoes

To clean the plastic parts of your shoes, first apply a little toothpaste to a sponge and clean them. They will become like new again!

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