Amazing White Chicken Chili

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This is a recipe given to me by a good friend and co-worker. It has a wonderful flavor that I think anyone can appreciate, especially for a quick fix on a cold winter day! Serve with jasmine rice as side with chili or fresh French or Italian bread.

TOP Reviews:

This was tasty. I didn’t really change the recipe to much but I did use a little less chicken broth. And it looked a little bit to soupy for my tastes, chili for me has to be thick. So I spooned out some of the beans, about a cup, and pureed them then added them back in so it would thicken up. The family really enjoyed it.

I changed it up a little, used frozen corn and fresh red bell pepper toward the end of cooking so they had a little crunch, also blended one can of cannellini beans into a paste and added it as a thickening agent. Served it with cubed avacado, dollap of sour cream, sprinkle of fresh chopped jalapeno and 4 Cheese Mexican blend on top…. YUMMY!

This came out really good, but as a harried mom of 3, I always look for shortcuts and doctor things accordingly for the picky eaters of my tribe. First, I used canned chicken (jackpot!), dried minced onion, and garlic powder, which easily took off 25 minutes of dethawing and chopping up chicken, chopping onion (kills my eyes every time), and dealing with mincing garlic. I added in carrots (also canned) and 1/4c flour for thickness. Kids loved it, wasn’t up to my elbows in raw chicken juice and it took 20 minutes tops. Add sour cream and cheese on the top.

AWESOME! My wife loved it! Making it for my church group right now! I did listen to some of the other reviews in that I did puree one can of beans to thicken and I actually added another ingredient….MILK! It was a little too spicy for my wife and I know that milk kills the burn, so I added a little. It really added substance and hartiness to the dish! This dish impressed me with the many layers of complexity it offers!

This is very delicious. I like my chili thick, so I only used 4 cups of chicken stock. Next time I’ll only use 3. Instead of 2 cans of diced green chiles, I used 1 can of green chilie and 1 can of chiles and tomatoes. I also added a diced bell pepper. It was fantastic!


1 whole roitessiere chicken, skin removed and chicken shredded

1 small onion, diced
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