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Apple Fritter Rings were one of my childhood favorites! But you don’t need eggs or dairy to make them. These Vegan Apple Fritter Rings taste just like the real deal (if not better!). Served with an Almond Maple Sauce – this is a match made in heaven!

This is one of my favorite doughnut situations we have ever posted. I am very excited about it because it is what I have always wanted in an apple fritter. Let me start off first by saying that apple fritters are one of my favorite things to get at the doughnut shop. I especially flip over them if they have just been made and are still warm. There are a few things that I really don’t like about some places that make them. First is too much cinnamon.

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Apple Fritters are not cinnamon rolls, so chill on the cinnamon please. Some places are super stingy on their apple filling. It’s shocking because it most likely came from the can, like the weird apple and cherry pie filling you can get at the market. So why be stingy with it? Fill it up! I want it in every nook and cranny! That is what makes these Apple Fritter Rings perfect.

The apple the dough ratio is pretty much set, so you know you’re going to get warm apple in every bite. Awesome. We took a chill pill when it came to cinnamon, I think this is important. We made our glaze with real vanilla beans, so it tastes like magic. We also made these Apple Fritter Rings with Sweet Tango apples.


¼ cup / 60ml buttermilk or plain yoghurt
⅔ cup / 160 ml milk
1 teaspoon / 5 ml oil…


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