Arroz Rojo (Mexican Red Rice)

Flip it!

This was very good and very easy. I made enough for 45 people and everyone enjoyed it. My only change – My altered servings called for many many Roma tomatoes, peeled. I drained a #10 can of diced tomatoes and it worked perfectly.

I’m glad I picked this recipe in a hurry last night. I usually will not choose recipes that have not been highly rated by many people and choosing a recipe with only 1 rating is not normal for me. So I had to give this recipe a review.

The rice turned like a classic Mexican rice. I didn’t have enough fresh tomatoes so I puréed a 12 oz can and used about 3/4 of the can. I also added a little extra cilantro and next time I will also add green chiles. This one is a keeper.

So delicious. Why don’t I make flavoured rice more often! This recipe has surely reminded me of that. Oh so good, easy- even when I screwed up a few things (accidentally threw the onions in with the tomatoes and had to pick them out so some onions weren’t blanched prior to adding remaining ingredients, sautéed garlic with onions right off the bat…)

I was making a big Mexican themed dinner and screwed this up a little- and it was to die for! I added 1 extra tomato for good measure as some reviewers had stated it was dry- I think like any time you make rice like this- better a little more moist than dry- watch not to over cook….

for those reviews that said it was too dry, don’t think it was the recipe….I also halved the jalapeño for my guests as they don’t like it so hot, and that was a good call. It sat in a warm oven for about an hour afterwards while I finished everything else, was so good!! Delicious!

This looked pretty in the dish but turned out dry when served at a Mexican-themed party. Not sure what I would do differently next time….


2 Roma (plum tomatoes), cored
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

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