Authentic Enchiladas Verdes

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The flavor was good but the consistency/texture leaved a lot to be desired. I shouldn’t have shredded the chicken quite so finely for a start. But it also needed something to provide some bite – corn or bell peppers or something. With some tweaking, this could be really excellent.

I’m making it again for about the 10th time. It is our go to sauce for anything “Mexican”. I plan to poach eggs this morning and serve with fried tortilla’s. I always double or triple the recipe and use it all week. It also freezes well. The only changes I make are to use chicken stock instead of water and what ever chili’e I have in the garden.

excellent, authentic sauce! the only modifications I made was to strain the pureed tomatillo mix back into the saucepan after blending and simmered until the consistency of light tomato sauce. The straining after blending removes all of the seeds, skins and other bits of solids. Enchilada sauce should be very smooth…it’s not a salsa. Don’t be worried about the heat (I used 3 huge jalapenos)because the corn tortilla needs a strong flavor compliment. I have also used this for Chilaquilles verdes for breakfast… a very adaptable sauce. Also congradulations for a recipe with the Mexican style of enchiladas.. you will never find those swimming in sauce, bbaked mushy things south of the border! Thanks!!!

Wow. This recipe is fabulous. I did make a few changes, but not with the green sauce, which made the recipe superb. (Though did only add 3 serranos per others suggestion). I used 3 boneless skinless breasts and prepared as directed, also sauteed some onion and garlic with the shredded chicken. Rolled up like regular enchiladas with mexican blend cheese and sauce inside and out, topped with more cheese, and baked for 20 minutes so they’d already be assembled. Served with extra sauce on the side.
Best enchiladas I’ve ever had! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I tried to stick with the recipe as closely as possible, but ultimately had to put my own spin on this. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks! I deviated a bit by mixing up the cooked chicken with just enough sour cream to bind it. When I filled the tortillas with the chicken, I also added a handful of shredded Mexican cheese blend to each.

I did top them with the salsa (used only two Serranos), which I sieved to get rid of the seeds and make as smooth as possible, the Queso Fresco (good stuff, by the way), thinly sliced onion, and chopped cilantro – and finally, a dollop of sour cream. I SO enjoyed these! Homemade salsa, I believe, makes all the difference! I made half the recipe of enchiladas but kept the amount of salsa the same and it was just right.

For us, anyway, the amount of sauce as written in the recipe would not have been enough. I did resist the temptation to bake these, as that’s what I’m used to. I loved them like this, but have to say I still prefer the NON-authentic method of baking them, topped with a mess of gooey, melted cheese!


2 bone-in chicken breast halves
2 cups chicken broth

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