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I really liked this recipe. I did add a little more butter to the crust so it would stick to the sides of the pan better. I used my KitchenAid mixer to mix the filling ingredients but I over beat it the first time I made it and it was too airy. I was more careful the next time and it came out perfect.

That time I didn’t have a lemon or an orange to zest so I substituted key lime and tangelo zest. I had to take it out of the oven a little early so I could cook my roast. It cracked a little, but not as much as most of my cheesecakes have. I have served it with homemade blackberry sauce and with homemade lemon curd. Both were ever so tasty!

This cake was fantastic!! Some complained that it was dense, but honestly, that’s kinda the point of cheesecake. Also, to anyone giving bad ratings to cheesecakes because it cracked, it’s not the recipe’s fault. Cheesecake cracks because the internal temperature gets too high, not because there is something wrong with the recipe. It really bothers me when I see one-star reviews because the cheesecake cracked. It’s your fault, not the recipe’s.

My daughter requested a Home-Made cheesecake for her graduation. I couldn’t find the recipe I have used for years so I came to Allrecipes looking for a good cheesecake. My cheesecake always cracks so I liked that this recipe included a trick to prevent that. Even though Chef John’s cracked in his video. I followed the recipe with the exception of needing to add a little more butter and adding sugar to the crust mixture. I baked for 50 min then turned off my oven and let it sit.

I checked after a couple of hours and still no crack!!! After cooling in the oven and on the counter for 3 + hours I placed in the fridge uncovered so avoid moisture buildup. Next morning I took it out of the fridge and had my husband witness that I had successfully made a cheesecake with no crack!! It was BEAUTIFUL and looked perfect from top to bottom. Next test… the taste at the party. I had the graduate take the first piece and she loved it!! I felt it was a little on the lemony side but otherwise great taste and texture. YUMMY!! We have a new cheesecake recipe in the family for sure. Thanks Chef John!


1 1-3 cups graham wafer crumbs – it’s also good with vanilla wafer crumbs –
¼ cup sugar

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