Authentic Red Beans and Rice

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Great recipe! I cooked in pressure cooker for 25 minutes. Combined everything except smoked sausage & rice, added smoked sausage after cooking beans in pressure cooker. Used Sriracha sauce and added 1 whole cayenne pepper. Take the pepper and milk out the meat inside(yum) Added a Tbs. or 2 of chicken bouillon to water and just added enough water to cover beans. So good served with greens and hot vinegar.

Delicious! I’ve made this recipe a handful of times now and it keeps on tasting better. I used bacon fat for the shortening and cooked the red beans using the slow cooker after soaking overnight. This last time, I cut back on the liquid to about seven cups. Instead of water, I used chicken stock. When the beans are tender, I take about two cups of the beans, veggies, liquid (no meat) and run it through the food processor for a heartier, thickened texture. I return the processed beans back to the crock pot until fully cooked. I serve the red beans with medium grain Calrose or short-grain Nishiki rice and cornbread on the side. Put a bottle of Tabasco on the table and hmmmmm!

This was easy to prep and throw in the crock pot. I do recommend soaking the beans overnight: I cooked in the slow cooker on high for about 4 hours.I cut the Tony’s to 1/2 tablespoon with the andouille. My 4 yo and 3 yo old asked for seconds but all they could talk about was how spicy it was and I had to refill their waters about 3 times. It was exactly the right amount of spicy for my husband and I. If you are going to cook in the crock pot a good rule of thumb is to just cover the beans by about 1/4 inch because the amount of liquid you start with will generally be about what you end with.

This is a very tasty recipe. However, I did make a couple of changes. I used chicken broth in the place of the water, and after bringing everything to a boil on the stove, I placed it all in the crock pot on the low setting. After 3 hours I did mash a good amount of the beans against the side of the pot to thicken it a bit. Next time I will reduce the broth to 6 cups because it was a little more soupy than I like. This is a keeper! Thanks Matt for a wonderful recipe.


1 tablespoon shortening, or as needed
1 white onion, chopped
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