Baby Blooming Onions

Flip it!

If you soak the onions in ice water after you cut them they will open up more. This enables you to coat them better.
What a fantastic idea!!! I love it & these will be served at my next party! Won’t have to be concerned with double dipping with these little jewels set in there own little cups with dipping sauce. Thanks for the GREAT idea.

So many ingredients, but Soooo worth it. Tasted as good or better than thos at those restaurants. The person who said they now use it for other veggies has a good idea, can’t wait to try that too.

Wow! that looks delicious. Can’t wait to try the recipe. Just a quick question, what if the onion is kept in the mixture for around 4 hours and not overnight?

Oh my! Love this! My hub’s garden produced early small WallaWalla Sweets. I made one small change (no offense, I tweek everything), rolled cut onions in flour mixture before rolling in egg, and final flour mixture. Fried in air fryer, spraying rack and tops of onions…turned about five minutes in and sprayed again, kept in air fryer until golden brown all over. WILL repeat again and again. Thanks Nick, this is a five star KEEPER!

I agree with others – the sauce is delicious. However, cooking the onion is going to require a lot of practice. I soaked the onion for an hour and a half and it still didn’t open up. I cut it a little bit more and soaked it some more. Still didn’t open so I floured it and did what I could to force batter into the crevices. Into the hot oil it went but I couldn’t get it to cook in the centre , I turned it over to try to cook it some more but by then the onion was getting pretty dark brown. It was delicious for sure but not something I’m prepared to try on company, not yet anyway.


1/2 cup mayonaise
1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce minced (more or less to taste)

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