Baileys® Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Flip it!

This cheesecake is amazing, the coffee cream topping is to die for!! I liked the addition of the chocolate chips, it gave a little crunch to the cheesecake. Overall awesome recipe!! Also going to use that coffee cream on so many things now! Its so good!!

I made this for my boyfriend’s 50th birthday. It was creamy, Rich, and delicious. Unfortunately I was at his place preparing the topping. He didn’t have a handmixer, so I used a blender, and accidentally made delicious coffee flavored butter. I guess it will work really well on pancakes. The cheesecake was marvelous, but I didn’t really taste the Bailey’s. I wonder how I could enhance the Bailey’s flavor. I especially loved the pecans in the crust. I chopped them fairly coarsely and that provided some excellent texture. I would make this again in a heartbeat.

This cheesecake is a total crowd pleaser! I bake all the time but I have never gotten more compliments on something I made more than this cheesecake. Tips: * Try different flavors of Baileys, not just the original. I am making the salted caramel flavor right now! * Use the mini chocolate chips, they make a much prettier pattern display. * Be sure to put your cheesecake on a pan when baking so nothing leaks in your oven. * Don’t fill the pan all the way to the top, leave at least a 1/2 inch for cake to grow. * Cut up uneaten pieces and freeze them, thaw on counter. My chef friend took 1/2 of the first cake I made and ate pieces for days. He was blown away by how good it was.

This isn’t a “typical” review because I’ve not made it yet!! But, I LOVE anything with Baileys Irish Creme and I KNOW I will LOVE making this!!!!!!!! 🙂 I did have a question: The recipe says: “2 1/4 pds. Of cream cheese”, for a “10-inch” Springgorm pan–IS THAT RIGHT?!!! It seems like ALOT of Cream cheese for a cheesecake!!!!! I make cheesecakes alot, and I only use 24 1/2 ozs. (3 1/2 (8oz) pks. Of cream cheese!!!!


2 cups graham cracker crumbs
6 tablespoons melted butter.

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