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My grandmother made these for me when I was just a pup. When I went into the Army, she’d make them for me special when I was home on leave. That’s been almost 50 years ago and I still can taste her dumpling when I close my eyes. Juanita’s recipe is as close to my grandmother’s as I’ve had in years. Thanks Juanita. They’re fabulous.

I didn’t have blackberries, so I used frozen blueberries and because I like thicker sauces, I also added some cornstarch, but otherwise everything else I left the same. We loved it, but it was a bit too sweet, so next time I make it, I will add less sugar.

Juanita my grandmother was also from So. Mo. and she made these all the time. I think it was a regional recipe as the only people I find that have heard of them are from that area. These are just like grandma used to make!

I chose this based on the rave reviews. It’s good, but like eating chunks of pie crust in syrup, not like a fluffy dumpling. All that shortening equals a heavy taste. Good, very filling, and easier to make and serve than a blackberry pie, but if you’re thinking light and fluffy, move on. Also, I used fresh berries that were on the sour side, and 1.75C of sugar was still a little too much, as was a whole 1t of salt. Definitely follow the instructions to add sugar “to taste.”

I’m SO glad to see a ‘generational’ recipe. True Treasures! My Father, used to make something very similar, using black cherries in it’s juice, [I don’t know how he preserved the cherries to make the juice] and he made dough with flour,salt,water, rolled out, and cut into strips about 2” long/1″ wide. Somthing he made when a young man in Ukraine. My Fathers’ Mother passed away when he was 2 years old, and he and his siblings also had to be very creative to feed the family! I love these kinds of recipes. God Bless them all!

I make this every summer we have fresh blackberries but you can also use frozen. To save time I make the recipe for dumplings on the Bisquick box. Much faster and tastes very good. Try it served with vanilla ice cream. It’s a great treat.


1 quart fresh blackberries
2 cups white sugar, or to taste

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