Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche Recipe

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This easy vegetarian quiche is a snap to make but looks great on the table.

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When Bush the First declared he hated broccoli, it was obvious Barbara had never whipped up an Easy Broccoli Quiche for the old boy. This is a good recipe which turns out just how I like my quiche–fast, cheap and tasty. As for the “wetness” and “wateriness” issue raised by some other reviewers: Ladies, ladies, ladies! This problem is easily solved. First, repeat after me: “I will not purchase frozen broccoli. I will not purchase frozen broccoli. I will not purchase frozen broccoli.” Your turn. Good, thanks. Secondly, do not SPRINKLE in the cheese, put it in first and PRESS it to the bottom of the pie crust, forming a sort raincoat for the crust–a cheese raincoat, if you will. If you feel silly for not thinking of this yourself, do not despair. I consider myself somewhat of a wetness expert, for two reasons. First, I reside in the Pacific Northwest, where, when it isn’t drizzling, sprinkling or spitting, it’s most likely raining, pouring or (on rare occasions) hailing. As for the second reason I consider myself a wetness expert…I live with a two-year-old. ‘Nuff said.

Easy and tastes great! I’ve substituted peppers and mushrooms for the broc before, and used EggBeaters to lower the fat. It’s great!!

Simple and spectacular!!! I made this quiche for a potluck event and received many great reviews! I’m definitely making it again!

Delicious! I made this using leftover fresh cooked broccoli, and it turned out wonderful. I also sprinkled the broccoli mixture with some parmesan cheese before adding the mozzarella, and I increased the mozzarella to 2 cups. Even my 3 year old loves this, and she likes to help assemble it, too! Thanks!

This was a great recipe–a very light quiche with an excellent flavor. I substituted spinich for broccoli, and it was excellent!

This was great brunch appy. I modified it by usinf 48 tini tart shells instead of pie plate. I used a variety of veggies as apposed to just broccoli and used a blend of cheeses. (chedder montry jack) Enjoy


– 6 oz pie crust, 9-inch, refrigerated
– 2 tsp olive oil
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