Brown Sugar and Turkey Bacon Baked Beans

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These were really good! My boyfriend’s nephew who said he doesn’t like baked beans said they were delicious. I think next time, I’ll cook the beans for a while first to firm them up, then put the bacon on top later, because the bacon just sunk in, and I think it’d be even better if it sat on top and gave it a little crunch

These beans are great! I only used 1/4 cup each of brown sugar and ketchup, so there was no problem with it being “runny”. I also cooked 4 slices of bacon then chopped it and mixed it in. That way I could use more bacon, but keep the grease out.

This recipe sounds amazing! I have a quick question and I apologize if it is a dumb one but I’m new to cooking so bear with me. I’m hosting my very first big Thanksgiving dinner for my family this year. Would these beans still taste good if I made them a day before and reheated them the next day?

I made these baked beans for our Thanksgiving meal. It was an easy to follow simple recipe and it was the best baked beans I’ve had in many years , they tasted like the ones in the basement of the little Portland Wisconsin Lutheran Church. Grandma would be proud of me.

Made this for a family get-together and it was a big hit! I did not think the ketchup flavor was overwhelming, as some have suggested. I did double the recipe because it seemed like a small batch. I was glad I did – every bit was eaten up. Definitely use the thick cut bacon, it made a difference.


10 slices Turkey bacon halved
1 yellow onion finely diced

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