Brussels Sprouts with Sour Cream

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This recipe is great; I’m glad I overcame my doubts about how these ingredients would go together.

I usually just eat Brussels sprouts with olive oil after roasting and wanted to add some flare and possibly steam so they wouldn’t take so long. I always get intrigued when a recipe calls for sour cream as I always want to use it but have no idea what it really goes with besides tacos. This was great. And I didn’t use a pound so just eyeballed spoonfuls and it was awesome. Will make again.

This was okay, but I think I would have preferred it without the sour cream.A very tasty way to prepare brussels sprouts. I enjoyed the tang the sour cream and the smoky flavor imparted by the bacon. I used significantly less sour cream than indicated in the recipe though,

This was really interesting. Mine came out a bit soupier than the picture but it still tasted really good really yummy! I served these with some nice steaks and they made a perfect sidedish!

I really enjoyed this, although I decreased the sour cream after seeing the photo…..didn’t want mine just dripping. However, the bacon seemed to absorb the sour cream, and mine were left looking like there was no sour cream sauce….but believe me, I put it in there! The bacon gave it all the salt needed! I used fresh brussels sprouts, so maybe that is why mine didn’t have as much liquid. Thanks so much for sharing a great recipe!


1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 cup finely chopped onion

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