Bust Your Buttons Butter Cake

Flip it!

his is a great pound-cake style cake. However, for a twist, try more almond vs. vanilla in the recipe and use almond instead of vanilla in the glaze. Also, make a double batch of glaze. Pour half of the glaze on the cake while it’s still in the pan and the rest when the cake is out of the pan. Also, you can make slits or poke holes in the cake so the glaze runs into the cake instead of primarily remaining on the surface of the cake.

This looks like a great cake for the holidays! I want to try and make it for Thanksgiving and I was wondering if I just increase the cake flour ingredient portion since I live in a high altitude state

i was expecting a buttery taste and did not get this from it. I followed recipe down to the letter. I also found it very dense and dry. Maybe i will try it again with some varations.

The cake is in the oven right now we’ll let you know what we think in a few hours, can’t wait.
In my house everyone loves cake batter, and we loved this one so I think the cake will be a winner.


3 c cake flour
2 c sugar

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