Butterscotch Squares

Flip it!

There is nothing wrong with this recipe!First of all..of course it is sweet! Look at the ingredients..butterscotch and peanut butter make one of the sweetest combinations known to mankind! This is not an everyday snack-it is a treat. The easist no fail way to prepare is put it the chips, butter and peanut butter all in the same bowl and microwave it for 1 min…then stir until all the chips have melted. Your butter and peanut butter wont seperate and it will turn out great!

Very good. I didn’t find them too sweet at all. I did add more rice crispies to mine though – probably another 1 1/2 cups. The only thing I can say is that they seem a bit crumbly but mine have only been chilling for about 35 min. before I had to try one. Great recipe if you’re a butterscotch fan!

This is a great recipe but instead of rice cereal I add 1/4 cup salted crushed peanuts. I’ve never had anyone complain and kids love to take a rolling pin to a zipper bag of salted peanuts. I also make this over a double boiler but will try the microwave instructions next time. Because I have found in the past if the stove is on too high the oil in the peanut butter separates.

Recipe is very good overall. I used marshmallow fluff to avoid the added cornstarch in mini marshmallows (about 7 oz). Definitely needs more rice krispies. I used a little more than 4 cups and still didn’t think it was enough. Also if your a peanut butter lover I would add more peanut butter.

YUM, these were great! I also used 4 cups of Rice Krispies and used snowman marshmallows for the holidays. I melted the chips, butter, and PB in the microwave together as well, this was so easy and they were a big hit! They are really sweet, but that’s what makes them wonderful!


2 cups butterscotch chips
1/2 cup butter, melted

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