Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Beef

Flip it!

Creamy sauce with a mild cheese flavor baked in with beef and peas. This recipe is really easy and I have never had anyone not like it. Plus it’s affordable.

First time making this, I took it to a pot luck and not a drop was left. On dishes like this, I seldom measure so I know I added a lot more cheese but was careful with the garlic powder. Two easy tricks: Just mix the potatoes with the cheese mixture and put it all in the crock pot. Then I poured the mushroom sauce on top and worked it through the dish. Saves a lot of unnecessary fussing. Also, I put the entire dish in the microwave for 20 minutes. It ensured that the potatoes were fully cooked without pre-cooking them. I let it cook the full 4 hours which made it cheesy. This is a keeper – winter or summer.

Knowing our taste, added some carrots, celery and mushrooms. I can’t say this was my favorite. However, I do think it would make the good filling for a pot pie, but as a casserole I wasn’t thrilled. Just left some of my tastebuds unfulfilled.

Tasty and easy recipe! A great way to use up left over beef and cheeses. I didn’t have 1/4 pound of cheddar so I threw in the last small chuck of cheddar I had, a bit of Havarti I needed to use up, and chunk of colby jack. Fantastic! I will definitely make this again!

My family loved this recipe. I did make a couple of changes I used 8 oz of sharp cheddar and fresh garlic. For those of you who have never made a cheese sauce before you do need to sauté the onions (and fresh garlic if you choose) first then mix in flour and spices then slowly add the milk then cheese. A whisk works best to stir the sauce. Sauce is ready when the cheese is completely melted.


4 cups peeled and sliced potatoes
2 cups diced beef

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