Chef John’s Butter Puff Biscuit Dough

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This biscuit dough is similar to puff pastry but uses a much less fussy procedure. It works great for fruit tarts, ham and cheese turnovers, and chocolate croissants–and of course, plain biscuits served with butter and jam.

TOP Reviews:

There are 4 of us old timers that get together every Sunday for dinner. The ages are (me) 77 to the oldest member is 98. After dinner we play cards for the afternoon. Anyway I took these buns one time for dinner and they were a big hit. They are not that difficult to make and really are very good. Doing this per Chef Johns instructions, I learned something about pizza dough too. The cooling of the dough keeps it from shrinking back all the time. I have made these several times this winter now and it has a page in my “Favorite Recipe’s” book. Keep up the good work Chef John.

These turned out great despite some missteps and not seeing my dough roll out nearly as fast and as easy as the video. Also, shredding the butter is not quite as easy as it looked especially when you get to the end of the stick. I appreciate the recipe as I love puff pastry and biscuits (who doesn’t?). I did use 3 oz salted butter based on reviews that there wasn’t a lot of flavor, instead of using only unsalted but I am not sure that was necessary because if you butter the biscuit afterward with salted butter that should be good enough. I made little biscuits and mistakenly baked them at 375 which I am used to for puff. Baked them for 20 min. Taste great, flaky but still biscuits and rose well. I added a pic so you can see the layers. I think I did an extra lamination step. I will use this again and have to figure out what else to do with them rather than just putting some butter and jam on them which tastes great. Thanks for this innovative recipe!

I’ve made this twice and forming croissants makes these far more appetizing-looking. A little jam and it’s all you need. Roll the dough to approximately 6 – 8″ x as wide as you can get it maintaining about 1/4″ thickness, cut in triangles, roll them up and bake ’em. The dough will last 3-4 days in the fridge, and in the freezer for longer – just set out to thaw for a couple of hours.

this is a really good recipe! but i just cut up the dough and it was super bland, next time i would use salted butter and either add more flavor to the dough or make a special sauce for the biscuits. but i will definatly use this recipe again!


2 cups self-rising flour
3/4 cup cold water, or as needed
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