Chicken Salad Exactly How Grandma Used To Make It

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The only way I make chicken salad these days.

Myself and a few of the ladies that I play golf with had a huge tournament coming up. We decided that we were going out to get some practice in. We did fairly well, but we were out there all morning. By the time we got done, we were so hungry. There were some specials going on at the clubhouse, but it wasn’t anything that anyone was really interested in. People started talking about just going home to eat. I wanted to continue talking about the upcoming games, so I invited everyone to my house for lunch.
I told them that I had some delicious chicken salad that I had whipped together early that morning, and it should be just about perfect. They agreed, and followed me home.
The chicken salad recipe from Group Recipes that I used was almost exactly like the one my Grandma used to make back in the day. That was when I first learned about chicken salad, and just how tasty it really is.

What I like about chicken salad is that you can serve it a few different ways. I like to just eat mine spread on a few crackers, while some of the ladies that came over put theirs on sandwich bread and crescents that I had there. Either of those options are really good as well. Recently I have started mixing a scoop in with my fresh green garden salad. That’s a different taste, but also very good. Try them all and see what one you like the best!

Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at Group Recipes:
“My husband love this kind of salad, if i am too lazy to cook i fix this on a sandwich he’ll be a happy man.”

Everyone at my table is happy when I set this out!


1/2 C. Duke’s mayonnaise
1/4 tsp. Morton salt
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