Flip it!

The term Hasselback has been around for awhile; usually for potatoes where you make slits in the potato, like an accordion, being careful not to slice the potato all the way through. Then you stuff the slits with bacon and cheese.

I made this and it was wonderful! I didn’t have basil leaves, but I loved it and so did my friends!

This looks so good… and after reading through the steps, it looks easier than I thought at first.

This looks delicious. I have never thought to stuff my chicken like this, but it’s definitely something I’ll have to do now!

I love chicken and I love that combo of tomato, basil and mozz! I can’t wait to try this

This was delicious! Very moist and tasty. I made an angel hair pasta side with similar ingredients to compliment the vegetables in the chicken. I think it is one of the best chicken breast dishes I have ever made. I had fresh basil, tomatoes, and oregano from the garden so it was extra special. Can’t wait until I make it again.

This looks great! We do make Hasselback potatoes- my hubs is a chef and we have an historic inn and all our guests love them- and we do have fresh basil from our garden… and we all love Caprese salad- so we are DEFINITELY making this soon!


2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Sliced mozzarella cheese
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