Crispy Fried Dill Pickles

Flip it!

i only gave this three stars because i do not believe sliced pickles should ever be used (they absorb too much oil) and rolling in flour after dipping in such a thin batter may have tasted ok but it the finished result just LOOKED unappetizing. but it could very easily have five… here is how i turned a 3 star recipe into a 5 star treat. 1. Use pickle SPEARS instead of slices. they stay crisper. 2. Leave out the cornmeal. 3. instead of saving most of the flour to dredge in dump ALL ingredients into a bowl and wisk to make a smooth THICK batter..

I’ve been a fan of these wonderful fried pickles since I serve these at a resturant in Murrells Inlet SC 17 years ago. I love them best dipped in Dill Dip instead of other salad dressings. I also used flour instead of corn meal

I have a recipe that I used for years but I decided to try this one. I’m glad I did. Although I omit the the spicy ingredients to make it more kid friendly. I use white vinegar in place of the hot sauce! I’ve even added a little bit more worchestershire sauce and I think that it makes it just a little bit better! Thanks for the great recipe!

YUMMMMM! I had these at a restaurant and loved them. When I made them they were just as good. I used the whole chill dills you find in the deli case and cut them into circles. These pickles will stay crisp and not go limp. I’m taking them to my next family get together!


1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup milk

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