crusty bread

Flip it!

Best bread I have ever mad! I did have to manipulate the temp and time a bit for the baking portion. I also did not have instant yeast. I am grateful that you have this site. I found this in a random search for crusty bread. I will use this site more!

It’s an easy enough recipe, but against my better judgement, I cooked it for the thirty minutes without the lid on it in the oven and to my dismay, my loaf was burned to a crisp… are people really supposed to cook this thing at 450 for an hour?! Seems excessive, and it actually looked delicious at the 30 minute mark when I took the lid off..

Great Bread. First time for me. Problems though, I used a black enamel coated roaster which i believe is the reason the bottom got too dark, almost black. Other problem when i dumped the bread into the hot pot the top of the bread had no dry flour and that’s what hit the bottom of the pot. It stuck. next time will sprinkle some flour on the bottom of the pot before dumping it in. will also use a stainless steel roaster instead, cant use a pyrex-glass. This recipe will also make a lovely pizza dough.

been making Lahey’s recipe for 5 years now–always a winner especially the cheese one (add 200gms cubed cheese and cracked pepper to the initial recipe) just a note–for organization the bread can sit longer than 12 hours. I usually put it together between 2-4:00PM and work on it the next morning and have it out of the oven by Noon 🙂


4 cups unbleached all purpose flour
1 3 – 4 teaspoons salt.

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