Deluxe Pizza Panini

Flip it!

This was a very tasty panini! Next time I may add a bit more tomato sauce as I enjoyed dipping it on the side. I do not have a panini maker so I used a griddle and smashed it down with a cast iron skillet. It worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

I made it without olives and it was excellent. I can imagine olive will only improve the flavor. I liked the crunch of the crust better than many pizza crust.

Paninis make a boring sandwich a gourmet meal. Pizza is a classic dish and can also sometimes become routine. A grilled pizza panini is a creative way to jazz up the boring sandwich and predictable pizza. Great to heat up as leftovers also for lunch the next day!

These sandwiches were quite tasty and very easy to put together. I used homemade Italian bread and a panini press pan. Thanks so much for a recipe I will be making again.

Ingredients :

1 teaspoon butter

2 tablespoons sliced fresh mushrooms

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