Do not leave the fan on all night: you have no idea of ​​the risks you run

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Temperatures that rise during the summer can be inconvenient, especially at night. In order to withstand the heat, some people have the reflex to use the fan. Although this solution is convenient, it is not without health risks. Then find out what can happen when you leave the fan on all night.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an air conditioner at home. Buying a fan turns out to be the best solution for enjoying peaceful summer nights. However, the use of this affordable and practical device must be subject to certain conditions.

What are the risks associated with using the ventilator at night?

It is often difficult to cool the house in summer, especially during heat waves. The fan is then most often used at night to combat the effects of the heat. According to Dr. Mark Reddick, a specialist in sleep-related issues, this practice is not recommended.

– The fan causes dry skin and eyes

Although using the fan is pleasant at night, it could cause dry skin and eyes. Indeed, the air that comes into contact with the epidermis can increase the risk of dehydration. Also, irritation or dry eyes may be observed in some people.

– The fan causes muscle pain

Prolonged use of the ventilator may also cause muscle cramps. Indeed, the air that is often directed towards the body can contract the muscles, which often leads to muscle stiffness. Thus, the ventilator can cause a stiff neck upon waking if it blows too long on your neck.

– The ventilator aggravates certain respiratory problems

By stirring the air continuously, the fan can also impact your sinuses. As the expert explains, the air circulating in the room brings dust or pollen into the sinuses. People suffering from allergies or asthma could see their case worsen and suffer health problems. As well as an mixture of pollutants from the painting of the walls, d aerosol as well as animal dander can also cause respiratory discomfort.

– Some precautions to take when using the fan at home

Although it is useful in very hot weather, the fan should be used with care at night for the reasons mentioned above. These few gestures will help you limit its undesirable effects.

– Open the windows of your room before turning on the fan

Ventilating the house is the first reflex to adopt when you do not have an air conditioner at home. It is advisable to do this daily for about fifteen minutes. When using a fan, do not turn it on until your room is well ventilated. By doing so, you limit the risk of amplifying allergies.

– Keep the fan away from your body

Coming home from a long day at work, you may be tempted to place the fan very close to your face or body. However, when positioned close to you at night, it may cause any of the aforementioned effects. You may even catch a cold and wake up with a migraine. Instead, direct the fan towards the feet and away from the face and body as suggests Sylvie Royant-Parola, doctor in Paris and sleep specialist for the Ouest France site.

– Drink plenty of water with a fan on

As stated previously, the fan can cause dry eyes and skin. To avoid the risk of dehydration during the night, it is advisable to hydrate the body regularly during the day and to possibly put a glass of water near the bed to drink if you wake up at night.

Alternatively and as advised by Dr. Mark Reddick , for people unable to do without the fan during the night, it is preferable to bring a fan equipped with a timer. With this type of device, it is possible to benefit from a good night’s sleep without suffering the damage that the fan could cause.

You will have understood it, the prolonged use of the fan is not recommended especially if it remains on all night. However, it can be of great use to you provided you adopt certain essential gestures on a daily basis.

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