Drumstick Torte

Flip it!

Taste is like that of the ice cream drumstick but with out the ice cream. Very rich.

TOP Reviews:

I brought this dish to Easter dinner and it was a hit with all… including my 91 year old father; he loves his sweets. Everyone agreed this is a creamy, rich dessert that reminds you of being a kid and eating drumstick ice cream cones!

This was fabulous! So glad I finally got a chance to try it. It was the first thing to disappear : ) This is the #1 request now and it was so easy to make even for a newbie like me!

Made this for a twelve year old boy’s birthday cake (because it was his third celebration and I wanted to mix it up). We loved it. I have a similar recipe and decided to make the pudding like that so it wouldn’t have to be frozen. I used two big boxes of instant chocolate pudding with 4 1/2 cups milk. I also added vanilla. I followed everything else the same. What a treat! Thanks for a great new addition to my trophy desserts.

Drumsticks have been a fave since a kid..and still is, choco tacos too..I love the cone when it gets a lil’ chewy. yummm..I also remember them only having vanilla ice cream..but love the idea of a ligh PB flavor in it. I may make this for my son’s Bday in Sept. He lloves PB and Choc anything…and ch
The creamy part of this recipe is a little like the filling in a “dirt cake”, which has no PB..so i think you could leave it out of the filling..but maybe add extra cream cheese and or cool whip. Experimenting is fun…


15 ounce package sugar cones (for ice cream), crushed well (must be sugar cones, no other kind.)
1 stickbutter, melted
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